Auntie Freckles for bibo+ and tbse

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I wanted some intense, dark-skin friendly freckles, that matched my own freckle pattern, so here we are.

  • painted on top of default vanilla, bibo+, and tbse textures

  • includes mat a (vanilla), mat bibo, mat b (tbse), and multi

  • includes default au ra textures for both m and f models

  • PSDs included

  • compatible with bibo+ and tbse races: f HAMERV and m HAMEV

This skin must be manually installed.

Au Ra friends: if you have custom scales, replace the default Au Ra textures with yours using the PSDs included. Romarique and Jaya’s skin tones were created using Palette+, since vanilla doesn’t give us juicy, dark skin tones. Goldie and Apollo’s are vanilla. Goldie is also shown with custom, Anamnesis scaling.

Feel free to use the overlay, or PSD, to layer your body makeup, tattoos, etc over the freckles. These freckles have been hand painted, so the mat a does not directly match the mat b/bibo. The seams should be invisible in most cases. I highly recommend installing the multi regardless of your character’s skin tone.

There is a black visibility layer included in the PSDs that will help with custom edits, as these freckles aren’t one unifying color. If you want to recolor them, try editing the layer style’s color.

TBSE friends: The lighter freckles, blended beneath the brown freckles, show a brownish red on the darkest Palette+ shades for tbse users (like black, navy, dark purple, etc). Vanilla shades don’t have this issue. Also, if you have body hair, you may want to erase the freckles on top of the hair. Not required but, it might look cuter.

Perms: These freckles are posted as a resource. Feel free to customize them or include them in your own unique body mods, free or paid. Please do not post paid mods using these freckles as the primary mod (an example would be a simple recolor of the freckles). Just make sure to give me credit for the freckles and link to this listing ♥

release date: 20 May 2023


illy, bizu, and tsar for bibo+. tsar for tbse. raykie for tbse-x. aleks for yab+ and eremm for tbse echo. thank you all ♥

Help & Support

If you need help with this mod, please let me know in my discord, using the #help channel. If you're missing a mod dependency or need help installing mods, in general,check my resources page here.


My textures are not a resource. Personal, private edits are okay. Please do not redistribute my files anywhere or with anyone else. Please link back to the original page if sharing with a friend. Do not use my mods as a base for your own mods, or commissions, without permission. Do not refit my mods for other races, or bodies, without permission.