My commissions are currently in Waitlist status.

I have a few open commissions already that are winding up and I am allowing a few people to join the waitlist. Once my open commission batch completes, I will go through the waitlist, in order of receipt, and accept commissions.

I'm currently able to do the following commissions:

  • Refits of my existing catalog to another body or race - starting at $35
  • Retexture of an existing mod using my custom textures - starting at $35
  • Vanilla Refits to bibo+/tbse (and variants) - starting at $45
  • Custom Vanilla Mashup + optional refit to bibo+/tbse (and variants) - starting at $55

Commissioned mods can be made private for an additional fee of $35. Additional pieces (like if you want a chest and matching gloves for example) incur a fee of $15 per additional piece. 

If you would like me to retexture an existing mod that is not part of my catalog, please ask the original creator for permission before filling out the form below. Some examples of this, based on previous commissions, would be if you want me to retexture a scalp to a 4c texture or add an ankara print to a clothing mod. 

Your commission total will be calculated for you after we’ve had a chance to discuss your project in DMs on Discord. Please do not send a payment before this. Your final price will be calculated based on the complexity of the request and the length of time needed to complete the request.

There will be no refunds once work starts.

While it is rare, I reserve the right to refuse any commission. NSFW lala commissions will be refused immediately.