Faded hair for m/f hamerv

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A skintight hair for all the baldies in the building

  • hair 171 for m/f hamerv
  • 1 highlight pattern (half/half)
  • 4 styles (plain, flower, heart, and side parts)

This hair is a custom painted skull cap. Meaning, this hair is not compatible for miqo and viera friends if you're using the default ears. I've included an earless miqo model and a default viera model, if you're okay with viera ear gaps (or you're using custom ears).

The hair is set with the scalp metadata, so it should work with most hats. Default dye pattern dyes the hair using the main hair color. The half and half uses both the highlights and main hair color.

I've tried to get this hair as close to the head shape as possible without there being a lot of clipping. But, you know, sometimes skintight mods be clippin. 

version 1.0.1 - raises forehead scalp line a bit :)

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illy, bizu, and tsar for bibo+. tsar for tbse. raykie for tbse-x. aleks for yab+ and eremm for tbse echo. thank you all ♥

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