Sarana sculpt for all f Au Ra faces

$12.00 USD

After a lot of editing and back and forth, Sarana’s face sculpt is finally here.

  • hi-poly with custom lashes

  • includes soft gold and white makeup and a custom eye specular

  • works with vanilla UVs and vanilla scales

  • facepaint and face features intact

Sarana’s sculpt features custom lash and eyebrows shapes on the model. Please keep this in mind if you install any brows or lashes. All makeup, lashes, etc should be for face 2/102.

You can use any scales you like. I’ve removed some of the forehead scales on the model, just fyi.

Sarana’s sculpt for faces 101-104 use the 102 scales (the Xaela scales) and for face 1-4 use the 2 scales (the Raen scales). The Sculpt includes a hornless version, as well as the default face 2 horns.

As with most of my sculpts, I’ve cleaned the normal to minimize the seams down the middle of the face, and along the neck. The diffuse is also adjust a bit to help with this. If you have a custom makeup, you might want to layer in the custom diffuses included with the sculpt.

Shape keys have been removed.

For reference: Sarana is wearing Sarabi hair, with private Raen scales gifted to me by a friend. The scales use the Dragonborn scales by BMM as a base. Sarana’s horns are Polycerate Horns by longerrpigs, with edits. She is wearing the J'adore bodysuit and one of the seam crusher necklaces. Her skintone and hair color were customized using Palette+.

Sarana’s eye specular comes pre-installed with the sculpt. All the other Light Party speculars (Rachine, Goldie, and Vix) are also included with your order, if you want to swap any of them out.

thank you rosemint for the diffuse upscales ♥

release date: 10 October 2023


illy, bizu, and tsar for bibo+. tsar for tbse. raykie for tbse-x. aleks for yab+ and eremm for tbse echo. thank you all ♥

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