Neo-Ivalician, v2 - Mashup for tbse & bibo+

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A major overhaul of september's discord exclusive mashup using the ivalician holy knight piece chosen by my discord fam

  • for tbse, tbse echo, and bibo+
  • tbse version includes a shirtless variant
  • includes 7 diffuses

bibo+ and tbse echo variants are sized to medium chest, large legs. bibo+ variant has yab+ clearance. The dyeable diffuse is plaid (shown on Romarique). The others dye technically but you know how it is.

Check the release channel (exclusives tab) in the discord server for the password.


illy, bizu, and tsar for bibo+. tsar for tbse. raykie for tbse-x. aleks for yab+ and eremm for tbse echo. thank you all ♥

Help & Support

If you need help with this mod, please let me know in my discord, using the #help channel. If you're missing a mod dependency or need help installing mods, in general,check my resources page here.


My textures are not a resource. Personal, private edits are okay. Please do not redistribute my files anywhere or with anyone else. Please link back to the original page if sharing with a friend. Do not use my mods as a base for your own mods, or commissions, without permission. Do not refit my mods for other races, or bodies, without permission.