Beauty Supply earrings for m/f HAMERV

$0.00 USD

  • hoops for m/f HAMERV

  • 2 variants: default and bamboo

  • expect some clipping because obviously they're gigantic xD

  • replaces the copper ear cuffs (and all variants)

Dyeable using Anamnesis, Glamourer, etc.

Viera hoops have been lowered so they sit near the shoulder, like the hyur variant. This means you'll need an appropriate hair to cover the tops.

M roe, m highlander, and au ra hoops have been resized to account for variations in neck, shoulder, and horn sizes. M miqo hoops with the in-ear option don’t ear wiggle.

release date: 9 Febraury 2023

ver 2.0 - 28 August 2023

  • adds custom textures and a bamboo hoop variant

  • hoops have been resized to create a better fit and tilted

  • models have been created for every supported race (instead of allowing the game to render them as in 1.0)

  • miqo models now have an in-ear option

  • au ra models have been resized to better fit vanilla horns

  • roe m models have been resized to account for neck/shoulders

If you purchased v1, please use the link in your receipt to generate a download link for v2 ♥

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illy, bizu, and tsar for bibo+. tsar for tbse. raykie for tbse-x. aleks for yab+ and eremm for tbse echo. thank you all ♥

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